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DIY vs Store-bought:

Oppdatert: 7. jan.

Comparing frequency response of 2 loudspeaker pairs.

Source: ARC

Amplifier: Marantz PM66 K.I. Signature


Bowers & Wilkins DM6


DIY: TABAQ-inspired project with 4" Seas Alu cone and Scan Speak Tweeter

In-room ARC-Measurement Site Partner's Living Room:

These graphs show a DIY "TABAQ"-like project coming close to an old top model of Bowers & Wilkins from the 70s regarding frequency response as measured by IK Multimedia ARC 2. When comparing the Right speakers which were a bit more favourably placed in the room the old flagships were +/- 3,5 dB from about 28Hz to 20kHz. The DIYs are really only lacking in the bass with +/- 3,5 dB from about 45Hz to 20kHz. Corrected by ARC this would give a frequency response of respectively -6dB 30-20kHz from the DIYs and close to absolutely flat frequency response from the DM6s.

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